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Обновлено: 13 сентября 2019

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I offer the following accounting and tax services to individuals and legal entities( LLC ) .

Accounting and Tax Services:

- Preparation of tax reports (sending simplified, omitted and other reports)

- Monthly submission of VAT reporting and VAT replacement.

- Preparation of SSPF reports (mandatory state social insurance report and unemployment insurance report)

- Preparation of statistical reports

- Preparation of employment reports

- Official registration and removal of objects and cash registers

- Preparation of Electronic Tax Invoices and Electronic Bills

- The type of activity and receipt of the code

- Activation, cancellation and restoration of legal and physical activity

- Negotiations and correspondence with tax authorities

- Permanent tax advisory services

- Registration of cash transactions

- Accounting of banking operations

- Accounting for calculations with risky individuals (advance report)

- Calculation of the cost of goods sold at the same time imported from the customs

- Organization of personnel records (recruitment, termination, job and salary changes to the e-government portal, employment, retirement, job change orders, etc.)

- Conclusion of employment contracts

- Wages accounting (calculation of wages and other equivalent payments (business trips, vacation, sick leave, overtime, night shift, etc.) and payment to employees)

- Settlements with Debtors and Lenders (settlements with buyers and sellers)

- Preparation of financial statements (Balance and others)

- Permanent Accounting Advisory Services.

Who can apply: ⬇

- All kinds of pharmacy, shop and sale facilities

- Courses, training centers and other educational institutions

- Stationery, cafes, restaurants and pubs

- Beauty salons, photo studios, bridal homes

- gym, igame clubs

- Lawyers, IT professionals and Tutor teachers.

- Traveling Services,

- Legal entities and individuals related to other activities.

By cooperating at a reasonable price, you will be able to maximize your time and expense. At the same time, you will entrust your work to a trusted person.
Please call for more details.

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